Emergency Promises Matter Grants

The Emergency Promises Matter Grant program is available to provide a $1,000 emergency grant to members who are displaced from their primary residence due to disaster. This grant program is intended to provide immediate assistance with shelter, food, and clothing without the necessity of waiting for a stated business meeting of the lodge or chapter.

Emergency Promises Matter Grant eligibility requirements:

  • Applicant must be an Oklahoma Master Mason, widow of a Master Mason, or female member of an Oklahoma Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star; and
  • Applicant must be a homeowner; and
  • A lodge/chapter officer (Secretary, Worshipful Master, Matron, etc.) must verify the loss.

How to apply:

Members affected by disaster may contact our office directly at 405-348-7500, or may request assistance through their local lodge/chapter officer(s), typically the secretary, Worshipful Master, or Matron. Lodge officer contact information may be found using the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma’s Lodge Locator tool.

  1. A lodge/chapter officer (Secretary, Worshipful Master, Matron, etc.) physically verifies that the member’s home is uninhabitable.
  2. The lodge officer contacts the Masonic Charity Foundation at 405-348-7500 or information@mcfok.org and requests the emergency grant.
  3. The lodge officer coordinates the delivery of the check to the recipient.
  4. The lodge officer submits a Completion Form verifying delivery of grant funds.

Members displaced by natural disaster may need more assistance than is provided by an Emergency Promises Matter Grant. Lodges and chapters are encouraged to follow up with Emergency Promises Matter Grant recipients in the days and weeks after disaster. Promises Matter Matching Funds and Promises Matter Grants may be available to provide additional charitable assistance as needed.