Matching Funds

Matching Funds applications must be received in our office by December 18, 2017 to be processed on the lodge’s 2017 Matching Funds budget.

Applications received after December 18, 2017 will be processed on the lodge’s 2018 budget.

Applications may be submitted by mail, by fax to 405-348-9031, or via email to

The Matching Funds program was created to boost the impact of lodges in their own communities. There are two types of Matching Funds available: Promises Matter Matching Funds, and Community Matching Funds.

Promises Matter Matching Funds are used to assist Master Masons or their wives/widows/minor children. A lodge may use its entire annual Matching Funds budget ($12,500) for Promises Matter. If matching funds alone are not sufficient and additional Promises Matter assistance is required, the lodge may vote to apply for a Promises Matter Grant. Grants are not part of the Matching Funds application process and require a separate application which can be accessed here.

All other Matching Funds requests are classified as Community Matching Funds. A lodge may use up to $10,000 of its annual Matching Funds budget for Community Matching Funds causes.

Matching Funds requests must be submitted by the Lodge. Application forms may be found here: Matching Funds Application

A Completion Form must be submitted to the Foundation after a lodge has presented funds to the intended recipient, a. The Completion Form is available here: Completion Form

A report of the lodge’s Matching Funds usage is available upon request.