Every year, the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma provides significant financial support to Vizavance’s student vision screening programs. In February 2019, total support for this program reached $4 million dollars in funding and over 4 million Oklahoma children screened!  

An additional grant was made this year to purchase 6 additional SPOT cameras for use in Vizavance’s vision screening programs. These special cameras help vision screeners identify vision issues in anyone, but the cameras are particularly helpful for children, seniors, and disabled individuals who may not be able to use a regular vision chart or communicate with a screener. Vizavance will use the SPOT cameras to continue with FREE Vision Screenings on Oklahoman children unable to read or with limited verbal skills!  

The Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma and the Masonic Charity Foundation have been proud Partners in Prevention with Vizavance for many years, and will also provide $200,000 in 2019 to support regular vision screening programs. A special thank you to the 1336 Masons (from 181 lodges) who volunteered with Vizavance to help screen children last year. Together we are advancing children’s education through better vision.

To learn more about Vizavance, please visit their website: https://vizavance.org/