Student and Teacher of Today Lodge Survey

The Masonic Charity Foundation will mail the necessary forms to your Lodge in February for distribution to the public schools in your area.  This packet contains crucial information and a password for the schools to enter their student and teacher names. Regardless of which option you choose below, you are asked to deliver or mail these forms to the local public schools.

The schools are asked to enter their student and teacher names online. No paper forms will be accepted and the names must be entered online by the school administrators, not by Lodge members. Once the online form has been received, we will prepare & mail the certificate(s) per your instruction below.  The Foundation will send your Lodge a letter containing the school name, the date, time & place for each award ceremony whether you choose to be present or not. If your lodge chooses to have certificates mailed to the school, the school will be directed to present the certificate(s) in the name of your Masonic Lodge.

Please fill out the attached questionnaire after discussing with your Lodge if you want to present the certificates or have them mailed.

If any of the schools you service have changed or you need school information please call the office at (405) 348-7500.

If your lodge decides to make no changes, please email the office at and just let us know your lodge name and that there will be no change.

You can also email us your response instead of mailing it.



2021 Student and Teacher of Today Program


Please select one of the following:

____ Certificates mailed directly to lodge            ____ Certificates mailed to school

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