The Food Bank’s goal to raise $600,000 for their 2017 holiday campaign will be generously matched, the Cresap Family Foundation, and Chesapeake Energy Corporation. Lodges have a special opportunity to DOUBLE their support of their local community food banks with matching funds dollars provided by the Masonic Charity Foundation.

To participate in the holiday match campaign:

  1. Lodges submit an application for Matching Funds in support of the Regional Food Bank 2017 Holiday Match campaign to the Masonic Charity Foundation. 
  2. When the application is approved, the Masonic Charity Foundation will send a check for matching funds directly to the lodge.
  3. The lodge will forward their contribution plus the Masonic matching funds to the Regional Food Bank. The lodge may designate any local food pantry as the recipient of the funds, however In order for the lodge’s contribution to be matched by the Regional Food Bank’s sponsors, the check must be sent to the Regional Food Bank directly (not the local food pantry). To find your local pantries, enter your zip code on the Regional Food Bank’s website at
  4. The Regional Food Bank will designate the donated and matched funds to the local pantry selected by the lodge.

Thank you for your continued support in feeding Oklahoma!