The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma stepped up for DeMolays everywhere by extending a $100,000 Leadership Gift to the DeMolay Foundation Second Century Fund. Paul Bohannan, President of the DeMolay Foundation’s Board of Trustees, said the donation of $100,000 was a major step in launching the new effort.  The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma deserves much praise for its bold effort to be a significant leader in this new effort, he said. The gift was directed to the DeMolay Foundation endowment.  This year alone, the endowment earnings have underwritten the costs of DI’s new Membership Services Representative program and the DI sponsorship of the Shriner’s Annual Hospital Baseball Classic, benefiting thousands of children needing special medical treatment. Last year, DeMolay observed its 100th Anniversary.  Now, looking forward, leaders are seeking to continue the momentum by seeking the support of many Masonic organizations in America, as well as seeking gifts from individuals, to insure the youth organization’s future. Bohannon added, “This gift, made possible by Oklahoma Masons through The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma, challenges Masons everywhere to help solidify the Masonic DeMolay relationship.” Goals of the new campaign include more scholarships for DeMolay, enhanced advisor training, increased camp opportunities, upgrades for the DeMolay museum in Kansas City, improved outreach across the country in leadership skills, and strengthening the Foundation’s endowment to insure financial stability for the next century. Special thanks go to Trustees George Braatz and Johnny Onkst for their efforts to secure this gift. 


Below is a photograph of Bob Peters, Grand Master, George Braatz, Foundation Trustee, and Robert Davis, Deputy Grand Master.