Congratulations to this year’s Masonry In Action Award winners: MARLOW LODGE NO. 103 and GUTHRIE LODGE NO. 35!

These lodges made concerted efforts to go above and beyond to care for the members of their lodge who had need. Whether it was roof repair, groceries, or help for Masonic widows, Marlow and Guthrie members took their Fraternal obligations seriously.

Like many Oklahoma lodges, they also made a difference in their local communities. As part of a volunteer partnership doing school vision screenings with Prevent Blindness Oklahoma, Marlow’s members noticed that needy families in their area needed help with the cost of eyeglasses and follow up eye exams. They networked with a local eye doctor who arranged to provide exams and glasses at reduced cost for needy kids. Marlow distributed their Masonry In Action Award grant with $500 to each of the following organizations: Marlow Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), Bray-Doyle VFD, Rush Springs VFD, Central VFD, Marlow Police Reserve, Stephens County Reserve Deputy Program, Bray School Backpack Programs, Central School Backpack Programs, Marlow School Backpack Programs, and Samaritans.  

Guthrie lodge surprised Pepper’s Ranch, a home for abused and neglected children, with the gift of their $5,000 Masonry In Action Award grant. Throughout 2015, Guthrie lodge made notable contributions to support the youth in their community, including over $10,000 raised for Peppers Ranch. Guthrie lodge used the maximum Masonic Charity Foundation Matching Funds available for Community projects in both 2014 and 2015.

The Masonry In Action Award program was created in 2013 to recognize lodges who support their members, their communities, and the mission of the Masonic Charity Foundation. The program requires any lodge who wishes to be considered for the award to file an application, due March 31st each year.

Two winning lodges are selected each year, representing one of two categories: “Large” lodges (with 100 or more members), and “Small” lodges (with less than 100 members). Each winning lodge is allotted $5,000 in grant funds for distribution to the local charitable or educational cause of their choice.

Marlow lodge presented funds to the following groups on June 20, 2016 at 6:30 pm during a dinner at the lodge building: Marlow Volunteer Fire Department ($500), Central Volunteer Fire Department ($500), Marlow Police Reserve ($500), Stephens County Reserve Deputy Program ($500), Marlow School Backpack Programs ($1,500), Marlow Samaritans ($500), Bray-Doyle Volunteer Fire Department ($500), and Rush Springs Fire Department ($500).

The award presentation for Guthrie lodge occurred July 19th, before the stated lodge meeting.

For more information about the Masonry In Action Award program: