Nominations accepted March – May


Many students are recognized for their performance in athletics, but there is often little recognition for those whose scholarship, leadership, and personal and academic development make them truly outstanding men and women. Let us recognize your exceptional students and teachers!




Password is required. If you are a school administrator and did not receive an information packet containing the password, please contact our office at 405-348-7500.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the password? Your school administrator received a package in the mail with instructions for accessing the online form.


How many students/teachers can I nominate? The program guidelines ask that you submit one (1) male student and one (1) female student, however there is no limit to the number of nominations per school.


How are winners selected? Your school may select winners based on any criteria, including: GPA, citizenship, activities, etc. We will generate a certificate for every valid nomination form received.


When is the deadline to submit nominations? Nominations can be submitted at any time, however we ask that two (2) weeks be allowed for processing.


Did you get my fax? Did you get my mailed nomination form? Faxed/mailed forms are NOT processed and will be destroyed. Electronic submission via the online form (above) is REQUIRED.


When is the award ceremony? Your school determines when and where it wishes to present the certificates. The nomination form requires that you provide us that information so that a representative of your local Masonic lodge may participate in the ceremony, if desired.


Where are my certificates? Please allow two (2) weeks for processing and mailing. Some certificates are mailed directly to the participating school; some certificates are mailed to the local Masonic lodge for presentation by a lodge representative. You should have received a mailed letter containing contact information for your local Masonic lodge. You may contact our office at 405-348-7500 to confirm when/where your certificates were mailed.


What is the cash prize? The Masonic Charity Foundation does not grant cash prizes for Student of Today or Teacher of Today nominees. Some local Masonic lodges present honored students or teachers with a cash award. Only your local Masonic lodge can tell you if they grant a cash award to Student of Today or Teacher of Today nominees.


The name is misspelled on my certificate! What should I do? The confirmation email you received contains a link that will allow you to correct your submission form. The system automatically notifies us when a change has been made. Please allow two (2) weeks for processing of corrected certificates.


I don’t have my confirmation email. How do I correct errors? Please check your Spam/Junk folder for an email from Or, contact our office at 405-348-7500.


My awards ceremony is tomorrow and I don’t have any certificates. What should I do? Please contact our office to confirm your nominations were received. If a lodge representative is planning to present the certificates, we will help you get in touch with him to confirm the presentation date, time, and location.  You should have received a mailed letter containing contact information for your local lodge.


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