Masonry In Action Award

Application Deadline: March 31st each year

The Masonry In Action Award was created in 2013 to recognize lodges who participate in Foundation programs at an exceptional level. Lodges who wish to be considered for the award must apply by March 31st each year. Two winning lodges are selected each year; one winner is selected from Large Lodge applicants (100 or more members), and a second winner from Small Lodge applicants (fewer than 100 members).

Each winning lodge is allotted $5,000 in grant funds for distribution to the local charitable or educational cause of their choice. To date, winning lodges have also been presented a trophy at the annual Grand Lodge Session.

All Oklahoma Masonic lodges are eligible to apply for the Masonry In Action Award. Lodges are scored based on the prior year’s participation in Foundation programs, with greatest weight given to participation in Promises Matter programs and the Grand Master’s charitable appeals. The prescribed scoring matrix considers the lodge’s charitable involvement (time, donated labor, community presence) as well as fundraising, with a focus on caring for the Masonic family and creating a favorable reputation for freemasonry in the community.

Masonry In Action Award Winners:

  • 2013 (for charitable works in the 2012 calendar year): Altus Lodge 62, Drumright Lodge 468
  • 2014 (for charitable works in the 2013 calendar year): Newkirk Lodge 88, Purcell Lodge 27
  • 2015 (for charitable works in the 2014 calendar year): *Altus Lodge 62, Stroud Lodge 142
  • 2016 (for charitable works in the 2015 calendar year): Guthrie Lodge 35, Marlow Lodge 103
  • 2017 (for charitable works in the 2016 calendar year): Owasso Lodge 545, Pilot Lodge 367
  • 2018 (for charitable works in the 2017 calendar year): *Owasso Lodge 545, *Pilot Lodge 367
  • 2019 (for charitable works in the 2018 calendar year): *Owasso Lodge 545, *Pilot Lodge 367
  • 2020 (for charitable works in the 2019 calendar year): *Owasso Lodge 545, *Pilot Lodge 367
  • 2021 (for charitable works in the 2020 calendar year): *Owasso Lodge 545, *Marlow Lodge 103

*Multi-year winner

To apply please click the Application Link: Masonry in Action Award Application