The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma has provided annual funding to Payne Education Center since Payne’s establishment in the 1980s. Annual funding helps offset the out-of-pocket cost for teachers who attend Payne’s teacher training programs  

 In addition to this annual funding, a special $25,000 grant was provided to Payne Education Center in December 2018 tsupport digitization of teacher training curricula in order to increase resources and usage of reading instruction programs for teachers. This grant allows Payne Education Center to increase its impact for teachers who receive training, as well as provide resources better suited to the 21st Century teacher and learner.  

 Payne Education Center is an Oklahoma-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, founded in 1984, whose primary mission is to train teachers to prevent reading difficulties in children and to remediate dyslexia while serving as a resource and referral center.  

 The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma has been a funder of Payne Education Center’s training programs for over 25 years! We are so appreciative of the difference Payne is making to help our young students become successful adults! Visit their website to learn more about their impact on the lives of Oklahoma children: