Matching Funds FAQ

Why were Matching Funds established?

Long before other charitable organizations existed, Freemasons were dedicated to their communities and that commitment to charity continues on into present day.  Many people fall through the cracks in various governmental programs and at times are even overlooked by charitable institutions. The local needs can sometimes be overwhelming for statewide organizations to meet the demand. This is where local lodges can step up and fill a void. You can find the local human needs and opportunities and help to meet them, and we want to help you do that.  The Matching Funds Program is our way of making charity personal.

How to submit your application for Matching Funds:

Fill out a Matching Funds application and submit your application in one of 3 ways:

  1. Mail completed form to PO Box 2406, Edmond, OK 73083
  2. Scan and email:
  3. Fax (405) 348-9031

You can call our office to request a form be mailed directly to your Lodge: (405)-348-7500 or 1-877-562-7667. (NOTE: If you email or fax your application, DO NOT MAIL THE ORIGINAL.)

Remember to complete the box on page 1 if the application is for a Master Mason, wife, widow or mother of a Mason, minor child or female member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

What happens when request is received?
All completed applications will be voted on by the Matching Funds Committee.

What does the Matching Fund Committee do?
They vote on all applications.  The committee is comprised of board members from MCFOK.  An application must receive a majority of “YES” votes in order to be payable.

Do applications get turned down?
The majority of applications are approved. There are instances where we contact the Lodge and ask for more information.  At times, there are instances where the Committee will decide that an application didn’t meet the requirements (see A FEW RULES section). In those cases, the lodge will be notified and provided recommendations for approval. There is no way to know in advance if an application will get turned down. The section titled SHADES OF GREY can further explain the nuances of application. If you are unsure, please call the office and we will be happy to answer your questions.

We hope this information will help make your application process faster and easier and less frustrating. We are all Masons together, working towards the same goals


Wait until your Matching Funds have been approved before advertising your fundraiser.

In your advertisement, remember to use the word Masonic  or Masons  when referring to the Lodge so that the community is aware that the Masons are involved.

Examples of fundraisers for Matching Funds as they must support education or charity:
1. Scholarships for local students
2. Someone has lost their roof in a storm
3. The local baseball team is in need of uniforms
4. Purchasing goods for the local food pantry

Examples of non-eligible fundraisers for Matching Funds:

  1. Fourth of July Celebrations
  2. Gravestones
  3. Maintenance or upkeep of lodges
  4. Religious or sectarian event