Altus Lodge No. 62 and Stroud Lodge No. 142 will be honored this year with the Masonry in Action Award and $5, 000 each in grant funds to distribute to the local charitable or educational organizations of their choice. Altus Lodge was also a recipient of this award in 2013 and is the first lodge to receive this honor more than once.

Altus Lodge No. 62 will present a gift of $2,000 to Southwest Technology Center Foundation to help provide scholarships for local adult students, and gifts of $375 each to the following local volunteer fire departments (VFD): Granite VFD, Friendship VFD, Blair VFD, Martha VFD, Eldorado VFD, Olustee VFD, Headrick VFD, and Warren VFD. Funds will be presented Saturday, June 13th at Altus Lodge.

Stroud Lodge No. 142 will present gifts of $2,500 each to the Stroud Food Pantry and Parkview Elementary School on Saturday, June 20th at 6:30 pm at the Wilderness Center in Stroud.

The Masonry in Action Award was created in 2013 to recognize Oklahoma Masonic lodges that make outstanding effort to care for their members, impact their communities, and bring positive recognition to the Fraternity.

During 2014, Stroud Lodge made notable contributions to care for its members, and support community needs and public education programs. Similarly, Altus Lodge contributed significant time, effort and resources to care for members and positively impact the Altus community.

Over 200 Masonic Lodges in communities throughout Oklahoma use volunteer efforts, fundraisers, and support from the Masonic Charity Foundation to infuse over $3 million into Oklahoma communities each year.