In 2013, the Masonic Charity Foundation created the Masonry In Action Award to recognize lodges whose participation in Foundation programs is exceptional. Winning lodges receive a trophy during the Grand Lodge Session and $5,000 toward the charitable or educational causes of their choice.

What do winning lodges have in common? How can YOUR lodge receive this honor?

  • APPLY!!! Your lodge must apply to be considered! Less than 10% of lodges applied for the award in 2015. 
  • Help members in need! Use Promises Matter programs, lodge time and resources to help Masons, their widows, and members of the Order of the Eastern Star.
  • Respond to the Grand Master’s plea! Participate in the OETA and Food Bank fundraisers!
  • Be an ACTIVE part of public education programs! Have a lodge member present SOT/TOT awards! Give prizes to Senior Essay winners!
  • Get noticed in your community! Lodges ALL do good works – make sure your community knows about it! Utilize local newspapers and media outlets!

NOW is the time to increase your lodge’s participation in charitable and educational endeavors. Think how much you can accomplish by the end of 2015! Start now!