Food for Kids Matching Campaign

One in five Oklahoma children are food insecure.  The negative effects of going without food are evident – cognitive and physical development can be impaired, behavior changes, the ability to concentrate and perform complex tasks becomes more difficult, and psychological effects such as depression, aggression, anxiety, and poor social skills can appear in children.

This statewide campaign has occurred for many years. Each year we, as a Fraternity, have helped feed more and more Oklahoma children but food insecurity still exists – and as such the need for our contributions continue.

Even though this campaign is a community effort, we as Oklahoma Masons, have to make sure we each individually contribute to the campaign. Lodge contributions to the campaign are automatically matched and forwarded to the appropriate food bank to support services for YOUR region of Oklahoma! No Matching Funds application is required, write “Food Bank” in the memo line of your check and mail it to the Masonic Charity Foundation’s office. If you do not want your funds matched, please contact the office at (405) 348-7500 to let us know.

This special initiative will run from August 1st through September 30th 2022. You can learn more about the Food for Kids programs and local food banks partners in YOUR area by visiting the Food Banks’ websites:

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

Supporting Food For Kids programming doesn’t just support our kids during the school year. These programs specifically address childhood hunger and ensure food-insecure children in our communities have a reliable resource for nutritious meals throughout the year.

Together we can feed our children and support the future of Oklahoma.