Youth Scholarship Program

Freemasonry is rooted in the past, but it builds for the future. There is, perhaps, no clearer example of new occasions, new opportunities, than those represented by the lives of young people. They are, quite literally, the future. Helping them prepare for their own futures has long been important to the Fraternity.

The year 2014 is the sixteenth year in which the Charity Foundation has administered the scholarship program for the Masonic Fraternity. The program provides scholarships for members of the Youth Orders. We are happy to provide this service to the Masons of Oklahoma and the future of our youth. Each scholarship is $2,000  for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 school year.

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The following students were selected for scholarships for the 2014 – 2015 school year:



Alyzabeth Barbalace

Brianna Beavin

Danielle Beavin

Jessica Beedle

Kendra Beedle

Allison Bevers

Madison Birdwell

Priscilla Bock

Sarah Bramlett

Lindsey Brewer

Rylan Castleberry

Megan Dornak

Ellen Epperly

Erin Epperly

Erica Halterman

Angela Hardin

Kimberlea Harlow

Taylor Highfill

Ashley Hubbard

Allina Johnson

Savannah Kirk

Caitlin Main

Kelly Merka

Bailee Milner

Jenny Milner

Micah Mirick

Marissa Montalvo

Ganga Moorthy

Lauren Neal

Maranda Ovalle

Nichole Pulley

Rachel Rudebock

Emily Savory

Kasandra Schemel

Makena Sherrell

Annabelle Story

Taylar Swartzbaugh

Carley Taylor

Shelby Thompson

Britney Tingler

Erin Vaughan

Erin Walker

Sabrina Wilber

Emma Wixom


Courtney Beattie

Jade Coker

Megan Deason

Jeanine deLeon-Maestas

Erica Harlow

Alexandra Rolseth

Lindsey Spencer

Christin Luttrell

Osage Soderstrom


Chris Brazil

Garison Carrell

Cody Clines

Cody Cornelius

Andrew Davis

Edward Dixon

Adam Dorety

Cory Ford

W. Deven Haynes

Kenton Israel

Trevor Kelton

Drew Mullinix

Dustin Mullinix

Brennan Parken

Jonathan Reiswig

David Riley

Dillon Roberts